Hybrid Aerial / Aquatic drones are already on the Horizon!


Recently Rutgers university researchers revealed a prototype drone with aerial and aquatic abilities, which is just at home in the air as it is underwater.


For those who have seen the video of this drone flying and then submerging into a pool. It truly is impressive. This incredible quadcopter style drone almost instantly traverses the barrier between water and air and simply begins flying underwater.


Needless to say, this tech sparked a wave of interest from the public and the military alike gaining a massive grant for Rutgers University from the US office of naval research.


This cutting edge hybrid drone is being dubbed “The Naviator” this catchy name fits very well for obvious reasons. The Naviator is shaping up to be a huge leap forward in a variety of military as well as commercial applications. This included helping with naval security operations, SAR’s operations and any otherwise dangerous scenarios that human beings would unavoidably have to manually engage in.

The Naviator was developed by Javier Diaz of Rutgers University, who is quoted as saying:


“Waterfoul are still better at flying than swimming, flying fish are still better at swimming than flying. Our device is equally adept at both; in a sense we’re defying nature rather than emulating it”


The initial demonstration of the new device was held with navy research officials present who almost immediately funded this project. It’s not too much of a leap to say that these amazing new multipurpose, multi environment drones will soon be commonplace in civil and military operations.


Although this new multi purpose drone appears to be quite sturdy, and seems more than feasible as a final product, it is likely that several designs will ultimately be created. These various designs will be specially created to suit various applications weather that be in the commercial sector, search and rescue, or military. It’s likely that these various models will also span several price segments including low cost consumer grade, and of course the extremely high priced featured loaded military variants.
Ultimately we see these new hybrid drones changing the way countless industries operate over the next decade, and do not doubt that these drones will chance the would. In honesty we personally cannot wait to see these products enter the market place and the anticipation is almost too much to handle.