Aqua drones – the next level of exploration.


It’s called “the blue planet” otherwise known as earth. We call it this for very good reason; nearly 71% of the entire planet is covered in some form of water. Weather it be an ocean, a lake, a pond, a river etc. there’s a good chance that if you inhabit this beautiful plant, you likely live near some form of water! That body of water has most likely been there for an immeasurable period of time, and guess what… There’s all kinds of magic just waiting to be discovered, and entirely new frontier to explore.


Popular Youtube channels such as the well known “River Treasure” really makes clear that people loose stuff in bodies of water all the time, especially in Rivers and Ponds. In fact, there is a whole subculture of explorers who spend their free time doing just that! Just think about it, even if you noticed your shiny gold bracelet or nice watch plunge into a deep river or stream, would you go after it? Chances are you couldn’t if you tried… Fast moving currents and other physical obstructions would likely prevent you from even attempting such a feat. Every year that leads to countless high value items being lost to a variety of water bodies all across the United States, North America, and the world!


So you might be wondering how someone like you could capitalize on this incredible treasure hunting opportunity? It’s a totally exhilarating experience especially when you find your first piece of valuable “treasure” and its something you won’t soon forget. But how exactly do you take part in this?

It’s really not as easy as it sounds. Unless you’re prepared to just dive in the river and root around with no regard for your personal safety, not to mention get soaking wet, cold, and have likely very little success. Not to mention, the hobby has typically been incredibly expensive to get started it.


Typically an underwater “treasure hunter” would need:


A diving suit.

Air tanks or very good lungs and a snorkel.

Protective gear for your whole body to protect from rocks, or obstructions.

High-powered waterproof LED lamp

Expert swimming skills

Diving experience


That’s just to name a few things…

Well here at Aqua drones, we don’t really fancy the idea of nipping into the local river to explore and on top of that, we really don’t think it should be so complex and so incredibly expensive! At Aqua drones we have much better solution, we’ve decided to use the cutting edge TRIDENT ROV!




The Trident ROV is an underwater remotely controlled vehicle, which allow you to explore the depths well keeping safe and dry.


With amazing navigation skills and a SUPER bright LED headlamp array, this crafty little tethered ROV is perfect for getting in right to the action.


The HD camera allows us to look clearly at the riverbed and under those tight spots with its low profile and nimble size.


The underwater currents don’t bother us either, with a 2m/s speed we can easily keep up with the pace.


Needless to say this is truly something we think everyone with a heart for adventure needs to try. You can  check out the Trident ROV  in our store for more details, photo, and even video. If your ready to start exploring, we’re glad to help you out and wish you all the success in the world. (As long as you share) So head over to our shop and pick up your very own Trident ROV and get in on the action!

Happy exploring!