What to look for when shopping for a drone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner, or a seasoned expert. When you’re looking to buy your next drone, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.  When it comes to drones, they really do vary in size, shape, price, and a wide range of other characteristics. So we’re trying to keep this guide as general as possible, and simply lay down the foundation of smart drone shopping. So whether you’re shopping for a cheap little toy, or a large heavy lift commercial unit, this quick guide little is for you.


Do your homework

The first tip for smart drone shopping is to do your research! All drones are complex aircraft; they incorporate a wide variety of technological components to create a functioning drone. With that said, you really need to do your research before even considering to purchase a drone. You should never be pressured into making a rushed decision by sales staff, or even by your own impulsive nature. You may not care to research all the varying components of the drone, but you should at least spend some time reading the reviews of others, as this will give you the most unbiased view, and allow you to make the most effective decision.


Be honest with yourself

Once you’ve completed your research, you need to honestly assess your skills as a drone pilot.  It’s all to common place to see pilots/enthusiasts get overly excited with the release of the latest products, and let their excitement sell them on a drone that they simply don’t have the experience to fly. For quite a few pilots this happened with the DJI Inspire 1. Although it is super easy to fly, it has a larger footprint, more power, and was far more responsive than most entry-level pilots were used to. This led to a lot of pre-owned inspires being sold on the secondary market, in favor of retreating back to something smaller like a Phantom. Don’t make that same mistake. Start small, and start cheap, as you gain some hours on the sticks you can slowly climb the latter to more and more professional units. This does not go exclusively for camera drones; the same applies to FPV racers!


Select your retailer carefully

The last tip that we’d like to share is, choose your vendor carefully!  With the current state of the drone industry, even huge manufactures like DJI are known for some terrible and slow customer service. It’s in the nature of the drone world that things will eventually go wrong, and when they do it’s nice to have someone to help you through it. That’s why it’s usually better to buy from a third party dealer, who offers comprehensive return/exchange policies, as well as tailored customer service. They are much more equipped to assist they’re smaller pool of customers as it is their sole business function. Compared to DJI who is concerned with other aspects such as design, development, production, marketing etc. They have very little time left over for you. So on that note, find yourself a trusted and reputable online or local dealer, and stick with them.

So there you have it, three really important tips when going out to shop for your new drone. Keep these in mind next time you’re at shopping, and you’re sure to make the right decision. Thank you for reading and happy flying!